Top 5 reasons to drink cold brew coffee

You are NOT a newb

You know how newbs drink coffee? They use a Keurig. I once did the same. It’s not my fault, I didn’t know any better. However, you do. Don’t repeat the mistakes of our ancestors. Make sure to buy whole beans and a conical burr grinder. Only grind what you plan to brew.

It could save your relationships

When I have a hard issue, one that requires a “real” conversation. I don’t get worried. I grab a two cups of cold brew and sit down with that person. They will be shocked by the excellent flavor. Tell them how you knew they would like it. It’s pretty standard since nobody I’ve ever met doesn’t like cold brew. If they hate cold brew you should really reconsider why you are friends/in love with this person.

It will stop global warming

Grind the beans by hand. Use LESS electricity by NOT heating up water to brew. You can get great tasting coffee @ room temperature. Do your part!

All the cool people are doing it

My mom once asked would I jump off a bridge if all the cool kids jumped off. Umm … hell yeah. Who wants to be stuck on the bridge with all the losers. I think I’ve made my point.

It just tastes better

Cold brew can be made hot by adding hot water… shocker 🙂 It also tastes great cold. You want proof? Do ya? Cowboy up and brew a batch! I recommend the Filtron brewing system. It’s a lot of money for $5 worth of plastic but the design is great and saves a ton of hassle.


Everything in this article is complete BS

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